Your Personal Flight Department

With more than 600,000 flight hours managed, The Flight Department handles private air travel needs for companies and individuals. You make just one phone call to access a single source solution leading to superior cost savings, travel flexibility, and peace of mind regarding safety.

The Flight Department pledges the most stringent safety and highest service levels in private aviation by only collaborating with WYVERN Wingman Companies. We never compromise on safety.


Safety along with security and confidentiality comprise our non-negotiable values. You balance the negotiable values of cost and time efficiency as well as service quality. This provides you with the most safe, flexible, and efficient air travel available today!

our commitment

There is no acceptable
compromise with regard to safety

This leaves the customer to balance cost efficiency against time efficiency and service quality. We are fully insured and have our own Aviation Commercial General Liability Policy (CGL), which is just an extra level of protection as all of our vendors meet the WYVERN requirements for Aviation General Liability Insurance.

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  • Flight Management: Compares the benefits of utilizing a guaranteed asset against the benefits of using a value asset and is our signature service.
  • Asset Consulting: Provides insight into private aviation assets to help you make the right business decisions around air travel.
  • Industry Consulting: Advises corporate clients on ways to structure dispatch operations.
  • Partner Resources: Aligns with experts in other fields for client single source solutions. We also arrange catering and ground transportation for all trips that we book.

    Contact The Flight Department to discover the value of air travel assets and 100% transparency on all expenses and transactions.

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