We commit to the prime importance of safety.

In fact, it’s the starting point of every flight scheduled. The Flight Department pledges the most stringent safety and highest service levels in private aviation by only collaborating with WYVERN audited companies.

To evaluate operational safety, The Flight Department uses WYVERN Ltd. independent safety auditing services. Lean more about WYVERN standards here.

Pilots and Operators
Our stringent screening process (see our requirements) leaves us with a relatively small pool of tested, knowledgeable, and experienced operators. It is fair to say that the operators The Flight Department uses are not the most inexpensive. They are, however, the most qualified.

That’s because we view pilots and physicians in the similar ways. Both professions are qualified or certified by the government to a minimum level of proficiency and both are directly responsible for the lives of their customers.

We have observed, however, that while private aviation customers appear very discerning when choosing a doctor, they frequently select their pilot and aircraft operator based on the lowest price.

As your Flight Department, we serve as your discriminating eye when it comes to crew members, equipment and operators. We verify the people you are entrusting with your lives meet the highest safety standards in the industry.