Why should I utilize The Flight Department when I already have a jet card?

Most of our clients have what we call a “guaranteed asset” at their disposal, whether it be a jet card, a private jet, a fractional share, or a block-time charter agreement.

We believe you should always check the market for less expensive options to use instead of your jet card (especially since the cards do not expire) or another asset. It is our business to do that for you, and while we are at it, see if we can leverage what we call “value assets”.

Why do I need you to manage my share?

We treat our small group of clients like they are part of an exclusive flight department. Large companies sometimes miss details. We serve as “watch dog” for our clients to verify that each trip taken goes smoothly and that they are using their assets wisely.

Do the fractional companies know what you’re doing?

Yes, and we are not in competition with them. We are enhancing client value with the assets they own.

How did the past recession impact your business and private aviation?

While private aviation sometimes comes under attack as an example of corporate extravagance, those who utilize private jets understand their value.

For example, when a CEO needs to be at three meetings in three different locations in one day, the cost of cancelling those meetings due to commercial aircraft delays and cancellations far outweighs the cost of a small charter airplane.

In the face of a challenging economy, we’ve seen our business at The Flight Department grow as customers turn to us to help them use their assets more judiciously while saving travel dollars.

Are you a charter aircraft broker?

Yes, but not in the traditional sense. The Flight Department is a third-party broker for the client. Our clients pay the operators directly and pay us separately as a travel management consultant. The Flight Department never accepts payment from the operator of the aircraft and we offer our clients 100% transparency in our invoices.

Why is booking a charter so much cheaper than booking a fractional aircraft?

Because fractional aircraft offer guaranteed availability at a guaranteed price, and clients are willing to pay a premium for that convenience.

Actually, in some cases, fractionals are more cost-effective than a charter because of minimum pricing. At The Flight Department we examine the dynamics of each trip so our clients know the cost of every option prior to flying.

Are you the most inexpensive option for private air travel?

No. If price is your bottom line, you most likely will be able to find a better deal with another aircraft operator or broker. Our clients choose to book with us, however, because we adhere to the highest safety standards in the industry, and we work with a small pool of exceptional operators who have earned our trust.

How much do your services cost?

We charge our clients a percentage of the savings we realize for them. We can also negotiate a flat fee per flight hour.

How many clients do you have?

Our business is about quality, not quantity. We only serve a select number of clients with whom we have worked in the past or who have been recommended to us by current or former customers.