The Flight Department can save you thousands—even tens of thousands—on each flight you take. Our approach is to study the aviation assets at your disposal along with researching and finding charter flights with empty legs that need to be filled.

The chart below shows real examples of flights we researched and booked for our clients. You can see the cost variables especially between fractional and charter flights, even when utilizing the same make and model of aircraft.

Our mission is to aggressively locate less expensive ways for you to fly while adhering to the highest safety standards in the industry.

Flight Department We Save You Money

FlightFractional Citation Excel Charter Citation Excel
Boston- St. Louis-Boston, one overnight $47,797.40 $19,940.93
White Plains to Boston $8,851.37 $12,415.24
Boston to Palm Beach $29,209.52 $23,547.47
Boston-Palm Beach, two nights and return $54,878.49 $26,237.00

This chart also suggests the reason we approach flying one trip at a time. Trip dynamics and market availability determine the best asset to apply to each particular flight. That’s why our experts deeply research each trip and identify the best way to fly based on your needs.