The heart of The Flight Department is comprehensive expertise. We aid individuals and companies in managing private air travel by verifying all assets work for you in the most resourceful, cost-effective ways possible.

How Do You Fly?
We believe the most important factor in private flying is the way you fly, not the number of times you are in the air. The dynamics of each trip, rather than your annual flight numbers, determine the best use of assets. A good example of this is that most of our clients want a guarantee of use of an airplane at a specific price cap. Multiple jet cards and fractional companies operate based on this desire for an assurance.

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The Flight Department Philosophy

The Flight Department Philosophy

The Core Concept
Our experience indicates that a small amount of guaranteed assets tempered with quality alternatives, such as charter—which we categorize as value assets—can consistently deliver the service that our clients require at approximately 30% to 50% savings over the exclusive use of jet cards or fractional programs.

This idea fuels our business.

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