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WYVERN Ltd. provides the most comprehensive standard available in the industry today. WYVERN qualifies far fewer airplanes and crews under its standard compared to the competition and we think that’s a good thing.

WYVERN does not give a blanket approval of a charter operator. Instead, the company assists The Flight Department in conducting a focused evaluation on the crew, the plane, the operation, and the destination for a specific trip on a specific day.

The WYVERN standard resonates with us. Our founder, Brian subscribes to the WYVERN Standard so completely that he has served as a voting member on their customer advisory board for nine years.

  • A WYVERN-recommended trip contains five main components. If any one component fails to meet the standard, then the trip is not WYVERN recommended.
  • The air carrier needs to have undergone and passed an onsite safety audit in the last 18 months.
  • The aircraft is recommended based on records, insurance and whether there is a qualified crew for the aircraft.

  • The Pilot-in-Command must meet or exceed WYVERN’s stringent experience requirements.
  • The Second-in-Command must meet or exceed WYVERN’s stringent experience requirements.
  • The trip dynamics must fall in line with the operator’s operating specifications as well as any further WYVERN restrictions such as mountain airport restrictions.

Note: WYVERN was founded in 1991 by a group of safety-focused professionals, developed the wingman standard for rigorous vetting of air charter operators, and are a globally-recognized organization. Visit www.wyvernltd.com